Bipolar blues

Hi, my name is K. I live in the United Kingdom. I have diagnoses of bipolar disorder and paranoia. This is my blog to explore mental health.

Ive been involved in mental health activism before but I was reading mental health articles on the New York Times website and finding that I had a lot of interest and energy around the topic. I don’t wanna dwell too much on my own story. I want to write about mental health overall, services and society. I will weave in bits of my story here and there.

So I had a diagnosis of bipolar since age 20. Then in around 2015/16 I began to develop paranoia. In fact one doctor suggested that my struggles were a personality disorder known as emotional unstable. That was never confirmed though.

I just feel like there is so much rhetoric about mental health but a lot of it is perpetuated by vested interest such as the government and big drugs companies.

I just want to write a bit about mental health.